Toronto school reason for pride

We congratulate the voters of the city of Toronto and the school board, school officials and those involved in bringing the new Toronto middle and high school to completion.

The building has been in the works for years, from its first discussion to the election campaign that got the levy passed.

The school means the final days of existence for the 1920s-era Toronto High School, a place filled with fond memories for generations but which simply cannot be modified to meet the modern, high-tech classroom needs of today.

The new Toronto school features up-to-date computer and media systems, was designed with the needs of modern school security in mind and will serve as a focal point for community use, too.

The voters of Toronto approved by a nearly 2-to-1 margin in November 2010 a bond levy for the new school – one of only a couple that passed in the state during that election. Other communities didn’t have the dedication and unity of the school board, administration and community backing that the Toronto campaign had, and the results are shiny and new and ready to go.

That the football stadium also was renovated was a plus, but wasn’t the main reason voters said “yes” to paying for a community centerpiece and modern school system.

Toronto voters have consistently acted in a way that supports their community, through thick and thin. Levies are passed after much discussion when those in charge explain to the city’s residents the exact details and needs for the money. And then, the officials of the schools and the city do what they said they would with the money.

It’s an example of what good government can do, and we salute the citizens of Toronto for recognizing that, and for investing in their children. May their new school attract growth and new residents for years to come.