Clean up our clutter

We all have those items we no longer need, and especially those items that can no longer be used. They sit in our basements and attics, stacking up on top of each other and collecting dust over the years.

Twice a year, the City of Weirton offers a program to assist its residents in getting rid of those broken and unwanted household items. As a result, don’t be too surprised if you see piles of items lining the curb of many city streets next week.

The clean-up activities actually begin today with a Metal Items Day across the city. Today is the day for residents to get rid of various metal items, like old bicycle frames, hot water tanks, stoves and refrigerators.

Beginning Monday, crews will go through the city and, based on each neighborhood’s garbage collection schedule, will pick up whatever household goods have been left out.

This is an opportunity for Weirton residents to toss those larger items they normally would be unable to put out for a regular garbage collection, or to get multiple bags of items which might have been sitting in a corner of the house of several years.

Electronics also will be accepted for recycling, but must be placed separate from other household items.

It is always good to make use of this program, and there’s still some time to do just that. Even if you are only able to spend a few hours collecting items to throw out, it will be that much less cluttering up your lives and your homes.