Get out and cast your vote

On Nov. 9, residents of Hancock and Brooke counties will head to the polls to vote on whether to continue their respective county’s school levy.

These levies have been on the books for decades, and the counties have come to rely on them to provide funding for a variety of programs, projects and other ongoing costs.

There are going to be many debates, we’re sure, leading up to that day, but we also ask our readers to remember they have the opportunity in the next several days to let their votes be counted now.

Early voting began in each county over the weekend, providing a chance for those who may be unable to make it to the polls on the day of the election, or even those who don’t want to wait in line those days, cast their ballots now.

No matter your thoughts on the levies, the important thing is to educate yourself on what is included and then cast your vote.

The process is simple, just visit your county clerk’s office during regular business hours until Nov. 6, ask for an early voting ballot and cast your vote. They will be counted along with all other ballots on Nov. 9.

It is part of our civic responsibility to vote during elections no matter when they take place, and through this process we truly have no excuse not to do so.

We encourage all registered voters in Hancock and Brooke counties to get and and vote during these elections.