Bus tour good sign for area

A bus tour of New Cumberland might ordinarily not seem like a major event in our area, but one planned for the coming weeks could be just what the community needs to help it move forward with plans for economic development and growth.

Earlier this year, New Cumberland joined the ranks of local communities with representation on the board of the Business Development Corp. of the Northern Panhandle.

As part of that membership, the BDC is looking at what options might be available to improve the city for years to come, attract businesses, jobs and other growth opportunities.

That’s where the bus tour comes in. The tour will take New Cumberland officials, representatives of the BDC and others around the community to take an inventory of currently available land, active businesses, parks, community events, landmarks and other important sites.

That information, it is hoped, will assist in the development of an action plan to better promote the city and attract attention to it.

The BDC is the lead development agency in Brooke and Hancock counties, working throughout the year to market our region to business prospects and attract possible interests.

The more information gathered, the better opportunity our area has to attract such prospects, which eventually means new business and new jobs.

This is the first step New Cumberland needs, and we encourage the community’s residents and leaders to follow through.

It can only go up from here.