Experience a plus as Scurti starts job

It took more than a year, but the leader, in a way, was found right at home for the Jefferson County Port Authority.

Evan Scurti, the son of attorney Adam Scurti, who is a past county commissioner, comes to the job with experience and sounds ready to hit the ground running.

Scurti worked for Ashland County and the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Jobs and Commerce Office, overseeing 11 Northeastern Ohio counties.

He brings with him the belief that his native county is ready to develop, a confidence gained through experience, and eyes that have looked at how many other counties in the state have handled various economic development efforts.

His connections from his state level work will prove invaluable, as will his knowledge of the area where he grew up and went to college. He is a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville and earned a masters degree from Ohio State University.

He is planning to meet as soon as possible with the board of directors of the authority and start trying to formulate their ideas into a plan to follow to bring the county successfully into its economic future. He was chosen from among 20 applicants and his transportation experience indicated he would be the right man for the job in an area where transportation is an asset on the river, on the highways and on the railroads.

What the choice of a director means is that, for the first time since the disbanding of Progress Alliance last year, that there is a single go-to person for economic development during a time when the shale energy boom should be bringing many knocks to the county’s door.

We welcome Evan Scurti and wish him well. Our future depends on his success.