Make a difference — Make sure you vote

While the general election of 2013 doesn’t have the heat and light and attention and big spending of a presidential or congressional race, it is still an important election.

Voters have, in elections such as this one, the opportunity to make a real impact on the level that impacts their lives the most: In their municipal and township governments, school boards and on tax levies.

We hold out no illusion that most voters will head to the polls. In prior elections during off years such as 2013, turnout has fallen well below 50 percent. At least it means there are people who do understand that any election is a chance to make their voice heard.

There are contested races for mayor of Steubenville, school boards in Edison, Indian Creek and Buckeye Local and in various villages and townships.

Voters also will have a say across the county on the JVS school levy, where funds are desperately needed for the maintenance of the building, and in Edison Local, where a levy is needed just to keep services at the already reduced level to which they’ve been reduced.

It’s easy to gripe on social media or in the coffee shop about what’s wrong, but those complaints carry a different weight when they come from someone who bothered to express their opinion at the polls.

If you haven’t done so already, cast your ballot Tuesday between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

You do make a difference.