Remember to vote Saturday

Voters in Hancock and Brooke counties will have a chance to have a voice in the future of their county educational systems Saturday as they head to the polls.

Both counties will have operational levies on their ballots, providing funding toward a variety of programs over the next several years.

Polling sites will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and no matter your viewpoint on the levy, we encourage you to take the time to vote and let your voices be heard.

It is important to remember neither of these levies are new. If passed, they simply continue the same levies which have been in existence for our two school systems for several decades.

In Hancock County, the five-year levy, which started around 1949, will provide $7.1 million each year toward capital improvements, instructional materials, technology upgrades, autism services, homebound services, physical and occupational therapy and funding for the Prevention Resource Officer program in several of the county’s schools.

The Brooke County levy, in effect since 1958, will produce $6.1 million annually which will go toward many of the county’s vocational programs and extracurricular activities, textbooks and other instructional materials, security and capital improvements, the county’s PRO program, insurance coverage for all regular employees, tutoring programs, therapy programs and many other services not covered by funds provided by the state.

Voting in any election is both a privilege and a responsibility. It is by casting our votes that we tell our elected officials and other community leaders how we want our towns and cities to operate.

It is something which should never be taken lightly, and we encourage every resident who is an eligible voter to research these levies and then cast their vote based on that knowledge.