Shop with a Cop brightens season

Each year, active and retired law enforcement officials across the Ohio Valley set out to help our area’s less fortunate have a brighter Christmas season.

Through the Shop with a Cop program, which is offered in many of our communities – stretching from Chester to Wheeling – police officers seek donations from our residents. With that money, they then take some of the less fortunate in our area – especially the children – shopping to ensure they are able to receive something for Christmas.

There are many in our area who may not otherwise receive a Christmas gift this year. There are some who might not have a warm coat to wear during these cold months.

Shop with a Cop makes sure those numbers are far fewer than they otherwise would have been. For that, we thank these men and women who have already given us so much by dedicating their lives to providing safety and protection to the rest of us.

For some of our communities, this program has been held for decades, meaning there are some residents who have never known a time when Shop with a Cop wasn’t available.

We thank all of our local law enforcement officials who work throughout the year to put their various programs together, and everyone who makes a donation or volunteers their time to make sure it continues to be successful.