Volunteers bring hope

As the holidays grow nearer, we are reminded of the value and the strength that our area volunteers – our unsung heroes – contribute to our communities.

We are blessed with a contingent of people who get things done. Our volunteers hail from Steubenville and Toronto, Wellsburg and Weirton and in Wintersville, Mingo Junction, Smithfield, Burgettstown, Bergholz, New Cumberland and Beech Bottom and beyond, all the way to the many hamlets that exist in the Tri-State Area.

That bond also exists in larger nonprofit organizations such as the United Way and American Red Cross right down to the smaller, but just as important, local nonprofit service agencies.

And most of our volunteers never seek recognition for what they do. They’re just there assisting with whatever needs to be done and more than likely enjoying every minute of it.

Whether collecting money to clothe the needy or gathering warm coats, hats and scarves for needy children or working to collect food to stock a pantry or fill a grocery bag, we’re well aware our local volunteers work endless hours to get these jobs and many more tasks completed.

And our volunteers come in all ages. From youngsters helping others through school projects to senior citizens donating knowledge and experience to counsel and comfort youngsters, volunteerism in the Ohio Valley knows no age limits.

We are reminded of the great worth of our volunteers at this time of the year as projects to help the needy become more prevalent, and for that we’re extremely thankful. We wouldn’t want to do without these caring volunteers, as many children and families would go without food, clothing, toys and assistance.

So many of us are caught up in the annual crunch of holiday activities and commitments and so often it leaves little time to think of others, but for that special group of tireless volunteers, they always seem to find time to give to others.

We view that silent group of people, working behind the scenes in churches, food pantries, ringing bells for the Salvation Army and in the schools and at senior citizens centers, as what the holiday season is all about.

We appreciate what our area volunteers do tirelessly and without hesitation. Hopefully, as the need for assistance grows, so too will the number of people willing to volunteer.

Our Ohio Valley volunteers remind us that this is the season of perpetual hope.