2014 sure to be interesting year

If you don’t feel any different this morning, don’t worry.

It’s impossible to truly know what a new year will bring, but we have our hopes.

The Business Development Corp. of the Northern Panhandle continues to light the way to the future, day by day, having spent 2013 with several major announcements regarding projects from Beech Bottom to Hancock County. We expect big things to continue to come from director Pat Ford and his staff in 2014.

The Jefferson County Port Authority is poised to move forward under the direction of its new executive director, Evan Scurti.

In Steubenville, two new councilmen, Robert Villamagna and Michael Johnson, begin to provide their leadership and ideas to a city in need of leadership and new ideas. They also will be working with a new city manager, Timothy Michael Boland, who comes to the city from Pataskala.

And new leadership also is taking center stage at the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, where Susan Hershey has departed the presidency. The position now is filled by Rich DeLuca, who has experience in a number of facets of business and should be a good fit for helping the wide variety of investor firms at the chamber.

We know that the year will include its twists and turns, including those in the legal world, where Jefferson County voters will be faced with choosing a new common pleas judge, with the retirement of Judge David Henderson announced at the end of the term, which concludes at the end of 2014.

Crystal balls are dysfunctional at best, so we decline to make predictions for the year. We only know that it always is interesting to cover and a pleasure to bring you the news of the day from our area, in print and online.

Happy 2014.