Schools across W.Va. need residents’ input

As part of new state regulations, local boards of education now are required to accept public comments whenever a school calendar is being developed.

Many ideas are being proposed on how to structure the school year statewide, and with local boards now having a greater say, it is important for the residents to have an understanding of what is being done.

During this process, two public hearings must be held, and we ask the residents of Hancock and Brooke counties to make full use of these meetings and any additional opportunities provided.

The Brooke County school board held its first hearing earlier this week, receiving only a few comments. A second hearing will be held sometime in March.

In the meantime, residents are encouraged to send their thoughts to the school board office.

The Hancock County School Board has not announced its public hearings, but we encourage residents of our northern county to attend the meetings and express their thoughts as well.

You never know where or when the next good idea will come about. Perhaps a teacher, a parent or even a student will have a solution to some of the issues school boards face each year.

Whether it’s the distribution of holidays, the possibility of having a year-round school year, when to start or end the year or even the time to start and end the school day, our local school calendars could end up very different from what any of us are used to.

Express your thoughts and contribute to the future of the local school systems.