West Virginia united in disaster

It’s often during some of the worst times that the true spirit of a population can be seen. Such was the case during the recent water crisis which affected nine counties in the central and southern portions of the state.

For more than a week, residents of the Charleston area and beyond were without water for any purpose. While our area has experienced numerous boil orders and the occasional conservation order, there have been few, if any, times where residents have been told to not use any water whatsoever.

Hotels, restaurants and other businesses were forced to close. People found themselves going without baths or showers, having to rely on bottled water to meet their needs.

Through it all, though, the people of West Virginia united to help each other.

Trucks full of supplies were sent from all corners of the Mountain State, providing food, water, utensils and many other necessities and comfort to assist our fellow West Virginians have at least some sense of normalcy.

One such delivery was arranged by the Chester Volunteer Fire Department and the American Legion posts from Chester and Newell and included plates, utensils, napkins, body wipes, water and microwavable food.

Students from Brooke High School also stepped up, working with school officials, residents and area businesses, including Kroger, Dollar General Market, Reisbeck’s, Hood’s Pharmacy and Follansbee Pharmacy. Barney’s Weir Cove Bakery donated 350 pepperoni rolls, a fitting snack as it was invented in West Virginia.

School rivalries, county boarders, north and south, east and west. None of it mattered.

That’s part of what makes West Virginia great. We have our differences, but we know when to put them aside.

We hope another such disaster never happens, but if it does, we know we’ll once again see West Virginians taking care of their own.