Address looks at the positive

It would be easy for all Weirton residents to look toward the negatives of the community after the last several years, with the loss of the city’s largest employer, loss of population, and a variety of other issues and problems taking place.

In his recent State of the City Address, however, Weirton Mayor George Kondik chose to strike an optimistic tone, noting some of the projects in the works for 2014 and the next few years to come.

From efforts by the Business Development Corp. to market the former Jimmy Carey Stadium for occupation by new businesses, to the possibility of a new hotel and retail operations in the Three Springs Drive area, the promised manufacturing facility by Pietro Fiorentini and a new road between Colliers Way and Three Springs Drive to assist with further business growth, things would appear to finally be moving in a good direction.

In his brief comments Wednesday, Kondik noted the cooperative efforts taking place between all levels of government, local non-profits, development groups and private landowners which are making this potential growth possible.

A new, up-to-date elementary school will soon be completed, residents are stepping up and opening their own small businesses and infrastructure improvements are taking place.

It takes time for any kind of change and growth to take place. Nothing is going to happen overnight.

We don’t know exactly what will happen in the next few years. We don’t know how many of these projects will actually take off, or if new ones will come along. But we also can’t sit back and complain while expecting businesses to just magically appear.

Naysayers will always be around. It is up to all of us, as residents, to look past all that long-held negativity and try to see some of the activity that is taking place.

If we can’t do that, then we are in just as bad of shape as our detractors would like us to believe.