Security a welcome addition

The Hancock County Commission has developed a master plan in recent years to upgrade the county courthouse and other facilities to provide improved services for area residents.

Among the most recent additions is a security system at the main entrance of the courthouse, which includes an X-ray machine and metal detector. This inclusion also involves the hiring of additional personnel who will man the new security station as well as serve as bailiffs for the courtrooms.

It is a welcome addition to the building which serves as the central point of Hancock County government, and, unfortunately, one that has become necessary these days.

Most courthouses today, in fact most government facilities, have some type of security setup, whether it’s a municipal building, a county courthouse, a state office or even a national monument.

At a time when we are all concerned about the possibility of terror attacks, or even just that regular citizen upset over a recent decision, increased measures must be taken. These measures are there to protect not only the public officials, but also but the employees performing the work of the people and any residents there to make use of the services offered.

It may seem like a bit of a hassle to go through security screening simply to pay your local taxes or to register to vote, but we would rather take a few extra minutes and have that peace of mind than deal with the alternative.

We thank those involved for taking these measures to keep our residents safe.