The danger of potholes

Now that the snow and ice of February has pretty much melted, the region is treated to a new scourge:

The pothole.

They’re everywhere. They’re on side streets and main roads. They are all over Lovers Lane and they’re all over parking lots at businesses.

They’re in Toronto. They’re on Ohio Route 43. They’re on Ohio Route 7 and West Virginia Route 2 and 11th Street in Weirton.

Every driver has his “favorite” hole that has developed along the usual driving route.

And the potholes aren’t going anywhere for awhile.

It’s been an unusual winter in that the number of days and cycles into below zero weather were relentless. The number of days above 32 have been few, but enough to start the crop multiplying.

We’re entering another freeze-thaw cycle this weekend and surely there will be more to come before, and possibly after, spring arrives none too soon on March 20.

Our point here is patience. Efforts to patch won’t be effective until the weather warms up. Until then, take it easy while driving. Watch speeding into puddles because the puddle could be hiding a wheel-bending hole.

Be cautious on roads where you know holes are and watch for other drivers trying to avoid the worst of them. Hopefully, they’ll do the same for you as you try to avoid the worst of them.

Soon, the hot asphalt will be available and those street crew who have worked valiantly trying to keep the streets passable all winter will be working to make them passable, period.

Don’t hesitate to report your “favorite” potholes to your local government, but remember, there are human beings who drive the same roads as you on the other end of the phone.