Congratulations United Way

The hard work and dedication of the staff and volunteers for the Weirton United Way has, once again, paid off.

One of Weirton’s largest and longest-serving community charitable organizations made it official last week, announcing it had reached the $260,000 goal for its 2013 campaign, bringing in the funding it had hoped to assist its 13 member agencies.

We congratulate everyone involved in the 2013 campaign, from executive director Kristin Bowman-Cross, to campaign chair Don Gianni Jr. and vice chair Michael Hagg, to the members of the executive board, campaign team and everyone else who stepped in to donate money or plan an event.

It was a hard-fought victory, and one that should be recognized.

Campaigns have been taking longer for the last several years. Our area no longer has as many of the deep pockets and large employers it used to, and many of those businesses were the ones who provided much of the support for community organizations and fundraisers.

Despite those losses and the increase in need, the United Way continues to persevere. Those involved each year with the Weirton United Way campaign push forward, never giving up, because they know what that means for those who need this help.

Through these efforts, 13 agencies, including the Community Bread Basket, Boys and Girls Club of Weirton, Dunbar Recreation Center, Salvation Army, and the Mary H. Weir Public Library, will continue to be able to offer various programs to benefit the community.

After school activities will continue, food and clothing will be made available for those who otherwise might not be able to afford them, literacy programs will be there to assist residents with their reading.

Many of us tend to take for granted that these services even exist within our community, but we are glad they are available for when they are needed.

Once again, we congratulate everyone involved on a job well done, and wish you the best as you begin work on the 2014 campaign.