Demolition an end of an era

It’s primary use may have ended several years ago, but the announcement of the planned demolition of St. John School is sure to bring a great deal of sadness to the Wellsburg community.

The current building served as a parochial school for more than 50 years, but there has been a St. John School in Wellsburg as far back at 1861 – two years before West Virginia became a state.

The first St. John School was located at 415 Commerce Street for about 15 years. The name would continue through three other structures, with the current school building constructed in 1952 on Charles Street.

But changing times and declining enrollment would take its toll, and the building was converted into a preschool in 2010 before eventually being closed for good one year later.

We are sure there are many area residents who have had the benefit of the education provided by St. John School over the years.

We also are sure many memories will be shared before the final demolition takes place, recalling shared schoolyard experiences, thoughts on favorite subjects and teachers, and various other activities from within those halls.

This will be the end of an era for Christian education in Wellsburg – and in all of Brooke County for that matter – but we are sure the legacy of St. John School will remain for years to come in the hearts and minds of those who were a part of its rich history.