Happy Mother’s Day

The bond between mother and child fulfills the most basic need of human nature: To be loved, believed and nurtured.

Jails are often kept full by the result of what happens when that bond becomes twisted or destroyed.

It’s not the mothers who understand what it takes to nurture, educate, feed and care for a child from birth through adulthood who make the news usually. It’s the ones who do a poor job, or far worse, given the headlines from our area out across the nation about mothers who are accused in the deaths of their offspring.

Today is a day to celebrate those uncelebrated mothers – the ones who juggle job and family, who make it to the game or the play or the concert on time for their children; the ones who are cook, nurse and maintenance person; the ones who make sure home is a place that builds memories and lessons that go on through life.

The job of a mother does not come to an end with the departure of the child for college or that first job across the country. Mothers then take up the job of worry, of wondering if all the lessons of life they taught were taken to heart. And when the evidence shows that those lessons did indeed stick, the warmth mom feels is unlike anything else anyone feels.

Today is a day to be sure mothers feel that warmth. It can be something as simple as a card or as complex as a home-cooked dinner that she didn’t have to raise a finger to make happen.

It’s not really about the card or the meal or the gift. It’s about the respect and the love that is given.

We salute mothers and their work and the value of motherhood in wishing a happy Mother’s Day today.