Sheriff’s department goes the extra mile

All too often, we take for granted the work performed by our local law enforcement officials. We don’t think about their efforts to protect the rest of us or the dangers of their jobs, the kind of work that can only be done by those who love their hometowns.

Recently, the officers of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department showed their hearts truly are in the community.

When a young boy living with a brain tumor expressed an interest in law enforcement, the department began finding a way to make this child’s dream come true. The result was an adventure for Raymond James “Ray-J” Ripley Jr. we are sure he will always remember.

Being sworn in on a Saturday morning by Sheriff Ralph Fletcher, Ripley, an 8-year-old from Newell, was taken on a tour of the courthouse and sheriff’s department before heading out into the field.

Ripley spent his morning assisting with traffic stops, writing citations for stop sign violations, and even helping to discover drugs and a wanted individual. In the afternoon, he helped with a search and rescue and processing a crime scene after reports of a breaking and entering at Tomlinson Run State Park.

Though simulated with the assistance of off-duty deputies and community volunteers, we’re sure these adventures helped to make Ray-J’s experience extra special.

We should note this is something these deputies did on their own time. It was not an event organized by a charitable organization. It was not something they were required to do. They did it on their own, simply through a desire to brighten the day for someone so young and dealing with so much.

We commend the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department and everyone else involved in going that extra mile.

This is an experience we don’t think anyone in Hancock County will soon forget.