Support Brooke levies

Two property tax levy questions on the ballot in Brooke County involve a variety of important, in some cases critical, public services.

One measure is referred to on the ballot as an “ambulance levy,” though money from it will support several services. If approved, the levy will provide nearly $800,000 a year for ambulance service, public libraries, senior citizens programs, parks and recreation, the county courthouse and other needs.

Also on the ballot is a “fire levy,” intended to provide about $371,000 a year to 11 fire companies throughout the county. Those to receive money are the Bethany Pike, Bethany, Beech Bottom, Colliers, Follansbee, Franklin, Hooverson Heights, McKinleyville, Wellsburg, Windsor Heights and Weirton departments.

If anything, the levies should be viewed by property owners as bargains. If approved, they will provide needed support for a variety of services, including fire protection and emergency medical care, used by virtually every resident of Brooke County.

Brooke County voters have a long tradition of supporting important local services with their tax dollars. This year provides an opportunity to continue that.

We urge Brooke County voters, then, to cast ballots for both the ambulance and fire levies.