Take time to remember

Memorial Day is about commemoration of sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice soldiers, Marines, airmen, sailors and Coast Guardsmen and women have made while protecting the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

A good way to remember what Memorial Day is all about is to make the time to attend one of the many services that are scheduled to be held in communities around the Tri-State Area this weekend. These services honor the dead of generations past and show support to those who are still displaying extreme courage while defending our nation in all parts of the world.

We hope you will attend a local service and listen intently to the words of the servicemen and women, some active, some veterans, and community leaders who will speak. Their words will touch your soul and push you to continue to honor these brave men and women in your hearts, your thoughts and your prayers. By doing do, we will ensure that their service and their deaths will never be reduced to nothing more than cold statistics recorded at battlefields from around the world.

While we will remember the fallen this weekend, we also ask that you thank the living veterans and active personnel for their service, and in so doing remind them that the sacrifices they have made and continue to make will forever be appreciated.