Be wary of ongoing scams

It seems as if every month we hear of some new type of scam making its way into our communities.

Officials in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania often send out warnings, cautioning residents to be wary of suspicious offers, people and programs which might be a front for efforts to steal money, information or even our identities.

Recently, such a warning was issued by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department after residents reported being contacted by an individual claiming to represent the sheriff’s department, and saying the residents would be arrested for failing to report for jury duty.

The effort, it seems, was an attempt to con hundreds of dollars from area residents, targeting the older population of our area in particular.

With new technologies and increases in digital communication, it has become easier to put these types of scams together.

Whether it be robo-calls threatening fines, attempts to retrieve personal information through Internet hacking, or people showing up to your front door in an attempt to sell you some fishy service, we all, unfortunately, have to be more aware of the possibility of these scams.

If it seems suspicious, the best thing to do is not provide any of your information, and immediately contact your local law enforcement agency.