Communication improving in county

Technology is improving many aspects of our daily lives, and soon it will assist in alerting residents of Hancock County in the event of emergencies or other immediately needed information

Plans are under way to make a Smart phone app called “Heads Up,” available, with the municipalities, law enforcement agencies, emergency services and school district in Hancock County taking part.

The app, which will be available as a free download, will provide county residents with an opportunity to be notified directly in the event of an emergency or other alert from the participating agencies. This way, residents can learn almost immediately of these situations, whether it be an early school dismissal, a flash flood warning or power outage.

An informal training session was held recently, with several public officials and residents taking part to learn more about the program prior to its launch later this year.

Instant communication can be a wonderful thing, especially in these cases. The sooner information can be made available to residents in emergency situations, the better prepared they can be.

We applaud the officials in the participating agencies and governmental agencies for having the foresight to make this kind of investment for their communities, and encourage residents to make use of this technology once it becomes available.

You never know when it could come in handy.