Cleanup efforts appreciated

Weirton has seen many changes over the years, resulting, in many ways, from the downturn of the local steel industry. At one point, you could walk along any sidewalk in the city and not see a single weed. Local non-profits never had to worry about meeting their fundraising goals and the city need only make a phone call if it needed assistance providing municipal services to its residents.

Times have changed, but some people are still taking pride in the community and stepping up where they can.

On July 12, close to three dozen volunteers, spearheaded by Richard Lamp and Marcus Weigel, spent some time walking through several areas of the city collecting garbage from along the streets and sidewalks.

It’s no secret parts of Weirton have seen their better days. As revenue has decreased and expenses have risen, it has become more difficult to keep up with all that is needed.

While it is unfortunate, it is great to know there still are people willing to lend a hand in some way, even if it is just to take a walk and pick up some trash.

We applaud Lamp and Weigel for taking the initiative of organizing this cleanup, as well as arranging for donations from local businesses and organizations. We also thank all those who took time from their lives to volunteer with the effort.

Sometimes it takes a community coming together to truly make a difference, and it often takes time to build the proper momentum before any changes can be seen.

We have no doubt this is the start of something great for the Weirton community, and hope to see it continue and grow for many years to come.