Patience still needed with road project

It has been a long summer for motorists whose daily commute includes the portion of U.S. 22 near Weirton.

Changing traffic patterns and miles-long lines of vehicles trying to reach their destinations have been an almost-daily occurrence for much of the last few months, and it will be well into the fall before it is over, according to officials with the West Virginia Division of Highways.

The work is part of a $2.3 million project aimed at replacing damaged joints along the approach to the Veterans Memorial Bridge, as well as to seal cracked areas of the highway.

As this kind of maintenance hasn’t been done in this section of highway’s lifespan, there is sure to be a lot involved.

While construction is expected until late September, the good news, according to officials, is they do not expect to have any additional ramp closures for the duration of the project, which should help to alleviate some of the excess traffic congestion.

That means fewer detours, which also lead to traffic difficulties in other communities as motorists try to find alternate routes home or to work.

In the meantime, as several weeks of work stand before us, the most we can all do is to try and remain patient and remember that there is an end is sight.

Several accidents have taken place during the span of this project already, which only creates more difficulties for those on the road. But, they can be prevented if we are all a little more careful while in the construction zone.

Speed limit signs have been established, and cones and other barriers have been set up to guide traffic into the correct lanes.

If we pay attention to these guides, as well as the other motorists around us, we will all experience fewer headaches.

Watch for construction workers, take your time, wait for your turn in line when waiting to merge into the traffic lane and remember that we are all in the same boat.

This project has probably taken longer than most of us thought, but once it is finished it is sure to be a smoother ride for everyone.