Program proving itself a lifesaver

A long-planned project to help Hancock County residents keep track of their loved ones appears to be paying dividends, and we hope it continues to see success for years to come.

In the works for the last couple of years, Project Lifesaver was officially launched earlier this year, and already has 10 individuals enrolled.

Project Lifesaver enables participating law enforcement agencies to find missing persons more quickly through the use of transmitters and receivers.

Families participating in the program must purchase a small transmitter, worn on the wrist of ankle, which emits a tracking signal to assist in finding the person if he or she goes missing.

Officials have said the transmitters usually assist in locating the individual within 30 minutes.

It is particularly designed for people who might wander away from home because of conditions such as autism, Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease or other similar diagnoses.

The community has truly come together to show its support for this program, with donations from the Weirton Lions Club, Marsh Pipe and Supply, the Chester VFW Men’s Auxiliary, the cities of Chester and New Cumberland, and many more assisting in providing the funding to purchase the first batch of equipment.

Having a loved one disappear is a frightening situation for anyone.

It is good to know they have ann option to at least help provide them with some peace of mind.