Helping West Virginia not part of the plan

Neither President Barack Obama nor his chosen successor, Hillary Clinton, has any interest in helping West Virginians rescue ourselves from the disaster he created. Obama proved that last week.

During his State of the State speech less than two weeks ago, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin outlined an initiative to help several southern counties devastated by the White House’s war on coal and affordable electricity.

Tomblin said the plan would use $140 million in federal funds to develop what he called the largest industrial site in the state on an old surface mine in Boone and Lincoln counties. Some of the money was to be used for needed infrastructure work, while the remainder was to develop an industrial area providing new jobs.

But last week, officials of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said no to West Virginia’s request. They noted the National Disaster Resilience Competition program is handing out $1 billion throughout the country, but our state will get nothing. Not a penny.

West Virginia is suffering from a genuine manmade disaster. Obama’s vendetta against coal is devastating our state and is responsible for thousands of men and women on the unemployment rolls. In the six counties Tomblin hoped to help – Boone, Lincoln, Logan, McDowell, Mingo and Wyoming – the jobless rate ranges between 8.7 and 12 percent.

Obama claims he wants to help people hurt by his campaign against fossil fuels. Clinton does too, but adds she will be even more harsh than her mentor in wrecking the coal industry.

But real help – aiding the victimized states in providing good new jobs – is not what Obama and Clinton have in mind. Their agenda is straight out of the liberal playbook. It calls for massive spending with the clear goal of making people more dependent on the federal government – and thus, afraid to antagonize it or cut back on spending to support it.

West Virginians ask merely that Washington allow us to help ourselves.

“The federal government has consistently promised to help devastated coalfield communities, but has taken little action to fulfill those promises despite continued efforts by the state to propose real, tangible opportunities for investment,” Tomblin reacted after being turned down for federal funding.

Indeed. But what did we expect? Obama has made it clear he looks down upon people like us. Remember the criticism of people who “cling to guns or religion …”? And Clinton is much the same.

There will be no real help from Washington – just more devastation.