Early voting begins today in WV

The general election will be held nationwide on Nov. 8. On that day, voters across the country will walk into their polling places to select the next president and a variety of other offices.

Because of early voting periods, some states already have begun their election process, and today West Virginia joins that list.

There has been a lot to take in with this year’s elections, and there will be even more in the next two weeks as campaigning continues. That makes it even more important for the voters to take their time, educate themselves and understand the stances of each candidate and issue on the ballot.

For those who are ready to vote now, though, there is such an opportunity, with county courthouses accepting early voting through Nov. 5.

By simply visiting the offices of your county clerk during regular weekday business hours and special Saturday hours, residents can obtain a ballot and cast their vote.

County officials throughout the Northern Panhandle have been reporting an increase in voter registration this year, possibly indicating higher participation in the election and longer lines at the polling stations.

That makes this early voting period even more appealing, since you don’t need a special reason to take part. Just show up and say you want to vote.

Despite all the talk of “corrupt” systems this year, taking part in the election process is still among the best ways for us, as Americans, to let our voices be heard. It is through voting we decide on who will represent us on city councils, county commissions, in legislatures, in Congress and other offices. It is how levies, and even some laws, are determined. It helps to set us on a path for the future.

We encourage all registered voters in West Virginia to participate.