A brighter future

Trinity Health System’s announcement of a $76 million project that will result in a new Trinity Medical Center at the West campus is positioning the hospital to be a leader in the area for years to come.

Officials spent more than a decade trying to come up with a design that would be affordable and would serve the needs of the ever-shifting health care landscape and the community.

The resultant hospital will be a fully private-bed facility, designed to bring to mind the comfort of a mid-level hotel instead of the discomfort of a hospital. From beds angled to face floor-to-ceiling windows in the new 5-story tower to accommodations for new technology in health care to the eventual announcement of a national eatery in the main atrium, the new Trinity will be a different place from the current hospital.

The investment doesn’t mean the abandonment of Trinity Medical Center East, the former Ohio Valley Hospital, the city’s big hospital for much of the 20th century. Rather, a firm has been employed with experience in helping communities repurpose unused old hospitals, a growing concern across the country as hospitals merge, change, close and grow in new ways.

There is simply no negative to the story, because it represents a major investment, a vote of confidence in the future of the region and a shiny new hospital.

We congratulate the team at Trinity for bringing about a vision that started when Ohio Valley and the former St. John Medical Center merged more than two decades ago in a move to stop duplication of services and begin to face the new face of health care the future would require.

That face has undergone many changes and will undergo many more as insurance, government and the medical community continue a long-term run toward an ever-shifting future driven by cost and technology with care at its heart. Trinity has even designed space into the new portion of the hospital to allow for future technological changes.

The hospital is sized in a way reflecting not just the size of the community but also the reduction in days patients are treated as inpatients, with more services occurring on an outpatient basis.

We know it took time and study and effort to come up with the hospital that is dramatically shown in a three-dimensional designer’s video.

As it grows into brick and mortar, we hope it represents a bright future for Trinity and the community.