25-Year Club picnic remains important

Beginning at 11:30 this morning, generations of area steelworkers and others will gather at the Serbian Picnic Grounds for the annual Weirton Steel 25-Year Club Picnic.

The event draws current and past employees of what once was Weirton Steel with at least 25 years at the local mill for an afternoon of socializing and story sharing. The tradition traces its history to some of the earliest days of Weirton Steel Corp., as a way for the company to honor the dedication of its employees.

The Weirton mill of old is no longer here, with much of the former steel-making buildings currently under demolition by the Frontier Group of Companies. What remain primarily focus on tin making, with only several hundred workers instead of the several thousand who used to walk the grounds.

It still is good to see this picnic continue, though, allowing many to reconnect with former coworkers and friends, some of whom return to Weirton from across the country each year just for this event.

It is an important part of our community, our history and our culture and we thank those who continue to work to support and organize it each year.