What is court trying to hide?

West Virginia legislators considering whether to recommend impeachment of suspended state Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry are scheduled to tour the court’s offices this week. But you will see no pictures or video of the tour, unless something changes.

As we reported, court officials have laid down rules for the tour, by members of the House of Delegates Judiciary Committee. One of the requirements is that no one, including panel members and the press, may take photos or video during the tour. If photos or video are required by the committee, they can be arranged later, the court stated in a news release.

Better than nothing — but not much.

Why is the court reluctant to permit pictures in its offices? It is not as if there are any national secrets there, after all.

Could it have anything to do with controversy over extravagant spending to renovate the offices?

Supreme Court justices should alter the policy. Banning photography during the tour is bound to make some West Virginians wonder — with reason — what the court is trying to hide.