Assault weapons take many forms

To the editor:

How do you define the term “assault weapon?”

An assault weapon to me would be any item used to commit an assault. An example might be if someone picked up a chair and bashed someone else with that chair, that chair could be classified as an assault weapon. Various forms of martial arts teach how to use different parts of your body as a weapon, including your forehead. If a person used his or her forehead to assault another person, I would consider that forehead to be an assault weapon.

Throughout all of history assault weapons of some type, (swords, clubs, slingshots, rocks, bows and arrows and guns), have been used to fight evil. Throughout history evil people, Hitler for example, have taken people’s assault weapons, guns in particular. When evil takes your weapon, evil has the advantage. Don’t give evil the advantage. Keep your weapons, all of them, guns, kitchen knives, chairs and even your forehead.

Understand that once they take the guns, kitchen knives and chairs, they will come for your head. President Barack Obama says that it will take $500 million to implement his 23 executive orders, all of which are small steps toward taking away your assault weapons. If you happen to be a working person, earning an income, then you are also paying taxes. The money that you are paying to the government is being used against you. That’s “evil” at it’s best.

Larry Willming

Martins Ferry