Bus drivers help children

To the editor:

With all the bad news lately and bad situations happening to children, I wanted to express my thoughts about our local school bus drivers and the ladies at the school who talk back and forth with the bus drivers daily.

I don’t think people realize the extent they go through to make sure children get picked up and dropped off in the right places.

There are the phone calls the ladies make because parents are not at bus stops and the bus drivers wait until they do get there and delay their routes to get that child home safely.

The bus drivers know the students who are supposed to be on the buses and call back to the schools to ask where a certain child is because he or she isn’t on the bus. Then there are children who get dropped off at different houses on certain days of the week – it does touch me that these people go above and beyond for our children daily.

My children went to Indian Creek schools and so I have to say, sorry for the times my daughters were late to the bus stop, holding the driver up, but he always waited. Thank you.

Kelly Hill

Mingo Junction