Charity Hospice tree a success

To the editor:

On behalf of Cathy Cich, our administrator, the board of directors and staff of Charity Hospice, I would like to thank those who helped with our annual Poinsettia Christmas Remembrance Tree. The tree was displayed near the Ville Restaurant in the Fort Steuben Mall. The Steubenville High School choir, under the direction of Scott Wolodkin, entertained during the dedication ceremony on Dec. 16.

Many helped at the tree site. I cannot express enough thanks for helping us make this annual event such a huge success.

I wish to thank the following for their time: Crossroads Christian Church, Michele Pfouts, Tameka Ely, Pennie Rayburn, Linda Grabits, Pastor Jeff Greco, Dottie Helsley, Carolyn Delanta, Curt Artman, Faye Jones, Cassie Porter, Peggy Cotton, Bernie Cotton, Laraine Smith, Carl Smith, Peggy Dennis, Carissa Sentich, Doug Barnette, Shirley Barnette, Coleen Pugh, Linsay Pugh, Nick Cerinovich and R. Miller; volunteers Donna Lucas, Lisa Thomas, Claudine Robinson, Greg Holmes, Von Holmes, Jennie Avoli, June Crago, Don Heiss, Bill England, Marie Hamilton, Gracie Hamilton, Tim Hamilton, Madeline Michael, Dave Miller, Don Redmond, Josephine Irvine Groves, Debbie Thompson, Janet Saner, Ingrid Koenig, Joan Copeland, Betty Clark, Joe “Sluggs” Smarella, Robert Villamagna, Patty Boggess and Anita Williams; RSVP volunteers Carol Beattie, Jo Ann Palmer and Marie Miller; Steubenville retired teachers Judith Weaver, Lynnda Bizzari, Barbara Leas, Bonita Lucci, Maria Beth Firm, Anne Misselwitz, Linda Holub, Sharon Musulin, Lynn Dintini, Ann Clark, Diane Casuccio, Becky Bryan, Pat Malone, Anita Hallock, Marianne Sullivan, Linda Dallas, Rosie Dunn, Julie Workman and Jane Karabaic; Steubenville High School students Taylor Johnston, Susan Johnston, Jasmine Brown, Chyanne Switzer, Ezziree Morrow, Lindsay Humienny, Christin Archer, Sarah Cunningham, Kayla Crites, Lexie Murray, Mary Simon, Katie Slivka, Izzie Biasi, Carmie Biasi and Amanda Nodianos; Catholic Central students Stephanie Cuervo, Fran Capaldi, Ashlynne Daley, Sophia Bodo, Suzy Thibault, Kate Kaldor, Larren Haines, Serra Arenyi, Katie Engle, Michaela DiCarlo, Nicole Virtue, Elizabeth Frawley, Jacque Anderson, Maddy Metcalf, Rachel Dzatkoski, Deva Balzano and Haley Hartzell; Charity Hospice staff including Kim Slivka, Sherry Cuervo, April Olesky, Jerry Jo Gillham, Mary Ann Reese, Stephanie Mihlbauer, Melissa McMillion, Tiffany Hartzell and Brenda Boone; Steubenville High School Key Club, including Ross Ivkovich, Brandon Davis, Todd Birney, Dennis Fillipi and Darius Hill; Julie Robinson and Indian Creek students Maddie Reese and Kaylee Larve, Wal-Mart Distribution Center employees Ryan Britt, Ora Gibson, Paul Dorsey, Trish Collins, Greg Owens, Amanda Klinesmith, Bill Maynard, Mike Shea, Jim Malliote, Kenneth Murphy, Jonathan Martin, Renita Lavender, Bob Hartley, Chris Grandstaff, Joe Gallon, Mike Shea, Jeremy Owings, David Murphy, Sean Ariai, Wes Owens, Shenna Fullen, Terry Wolfe, Matt Otte, MaLinda Lewis and Dominick Bonecutter.

A very special thanks to Country Crafts and mall management, including Lou Petrozzi, Stephanie McVicker and their maintenance staff.

I wish to thank anyone who anonymously worked the tree and did not register his or her name.

Finally, sincere thanks to those who supported the tree with donations. Without your help and the help of the community, this event could not be a success. May God bless you.

Steven M. Seminara

Director of volunteers

and fundraising

Charity Hospice

of Wintersville