Everyone likes pork

To the Editor,

The truth is out. No one listens to talk radio, cable TV or conservative think tanks.

With all their negative talk about how inept President Obama is and biased talk leading up to the election, “ho hum,” Obama won a second term easily and snookered the Republicans into voting for a deal to avoid going over the so-called cliff.

Now the conservative intelligentsia Cal Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Pat Buchanan and the rest of the bunch complain about the pork in the new deal is more than the raise in taxes can cover.

Sorry folks, all the Republicans, including the tea parties, knew the pork was in the bill and like pork just as much as any liberal. That’s why it is hard to listen to the conservative think tankers.

They talk down to the public with their rhetoric about spending only on what the Constitution allows the government to spend on, yet their own G.W. Bush spent more on pork and unfunded liabilities than Obama.

Oh well. What would one expect from the holier-than-thou? You know, the guys from the good ole boys club.

On a lighter note, thought for the day. Why do people poke a touch screen?

Steve Kopa