Firefighters made memories

To the editor:

As visiting grandparents we find magic in Steubenville. We want to express our gratitude for those who made our visit a special one this Christmas. On Dec. 28, we went to lunch at Froehlich’s Classic Corner, a tradition with our 2-year old grandson, Simon Kramp, who loves the train that runs high around the bar. The staff was very attentive, making our luncheon a wonderful experience. We especially loved looking at downtown Steubenville from Froehlich’s windows because of the great view of trucks, snow plows and fire engines going by.

From the restaurant we walked the two blocks to the fire station on North Street. We weren’t sure we would be welcome visitors without a scheduled visit, but my wife, Grandma Mary, stuck her head in the office and firefighters Chris Dight, Brian Kovach and Terrance Cooper welcomed us in. Here the magic became almost too much for us all – especially for our little guy, but even for grandma and grandpa.

The tour was personally suited to our grandson’s interests. We watched Blackburn slide down the pole, and we had a chance to look closely at the bucket truck. Our tour guides flashed the lights on the big, beautiful engines, but they knew not to turn on the loud sirens – which might have been too much. Words cannot tell what hospitality the firemen shared with us. We were so impressed with their cordiality and attentiveness. They treated us to the history of the firehouse and fire companies in Steubenville and gave us coloring books, stickers, and safety identification decals for the house. Little had we expected to have such a rich experience at 12:30 p.m. on a Friday in downtown Steubenville.

If you have not gone to the firehouse in your neighborhood, we recommend going. Our visit was a wonderful learning opportunity for us and for our grandson. Thank you, firefighters. It was an experience that we will never forget. We hadn’t thought that anything could make our grandson love firefighters and fire trucks any more than he already does, but we’re pretty sure that this trip ensured a lifelong affinity for the firefighting profession.

Steve Beasley

Carlinville, Ill.