Gun control not the solution

To the Editor,

There are over 20,000 gun control laws on the books across the country, with more coming. Most, if not all, are unconstitutional, which firmly states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Yet many, including too many in government, consider this ridiculous overkill “lax,” because people frequently do use guns to hurt others. The fact that many, if not most, of those came into possession of their weapons by illegal means, is lost on them.

The average person buys a gun like they buy insurance; hoping they’ll never really have to use it.

Last year, around 300 people were killed with semi-automatic “assault rifles;” nearly 500 people were bludgeoned to death with hammers. As they say, “no one is calling for more hammer control laws.”

Chicago, New York and Washington, DC have the most stringent gun laws in the nation; they say it’s almost impossible to buy a gun in Illinois, due to all the legal hoops you must jump through.

These three cities also have the highest rates of violence and murder, involving guns, in the nation; Chicago, the worst of the three, is coming to resemble the mythical “Old West” Progressive liberals like to point to, when they want to make some hysterical point about gun violence. In truth, gun violence in the Old West was relatively rare, simply because everyone knew most everyone else had a gun. It’s called “deterrence.”

Truthfully, where gun laws are most prevalent, so is gun violence. The opposite is also true; as gun sales rise, crime rates fall. However, the anti-gun zealots ignore these facts and statistics. Only their agenda matters.

I’d bet that many “elite” liberals are absolutely gleeful, when some depraved whacko shoots up a school and kills innocent children. It gives them ammunition – pun definitely intended – for their anti-gun demagoguery.

I wonder if Obama’s 23 shiny new executive orders on this issue will do anything toward rounding up the thousands of firearms his ill-conceived, criminal schemes let pass into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels? After all, there have been over 300 deaths involving them.

Obama used the Newtown tragedy to advance his agenda. Do you really think those kids he surrounded himself with for his speech were there for more than emotional set dressing? Liberals constantly, cynically, use “the children” to push their authoritarian, ever-intrusive agendas.

They know they can’t actually confiscate or outright ban guns, altogether. However, if they can wrap the issue in enough red tape to make it a big enough legal inconvenience to own a gun, and/or perhaps throttle the ammunition supplies, it may get to the point where fewer will bother, and then it won’t matter either way.

20,000 laws.

Truthfully, the progressive left’s tyrannical “gun control” ideal has nothing to do with controlling guns, or crime. Instead, like all tyrannies, it has everything to do with controlling – disarming – the law-abiding masses. It’s not about protecting people. It’s about rendering people defenseless, against oppression.

Rob Denham