It’s time to support our town

To the editor:

Haven’t we come to understand in any criminal investigation that it’s imperative to collect as much evidence as possible within the first two days? Why didn’t Prosecutor Jane Hanlin simply recuse herself immediately like so many suggested? If she recused herself immediately, evidence could have been destroyed and alibis fixed and corroborated before anything was done. Why did she act so quickly and gather as much evidence as possible if all she had to do was nothing and let time pass? Could it be that in all actuality her diligent actions achieved the results needed to bring this case to trial?

If there is any one universally known fact about any small town, it’s that everyone knows everyone, or at least one removed. People are related to each other, go to school together or are the brother or sister or friend of someone we know. So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the local officials in the small town of Steubenville would know most of the people who they are dealing with on any given occasion? Wouldn’t you think that this is nothing new for Hanlin to be familiar with people she is investigating or prosecuting at any given time?

Maybe like me, most of you are not a prosecuting attorney whose job it is to help remove crime from the streets of Steubenville, but if it was my job, it would not be my first thought to determine my child’s association with an alleged crime before I did my job – quite the opposite, in fact. My child better not be involved, but it would not impair my judgment if it was a possibility. Is it possible that the negative opinions in this case are more about what’s inside those individuals who judged Jane so unfairly than the truth? For those who jumped on the witch-hunt band wagon, could it be more about what was suggested to you than the truth?

When Hitler was infiltrating the minds of Germans, it was a calculating deconstruction of a body of people, methodical and destructive enough to make reasonable people believe. When it was over, suicide, devastation and shame prevailed over those reasonable people. Our town of Steubenville is in danger of being deconstructed in the same calculating manner by a few people infiltrating the minds of reasonable people. Divide and conquer, isn’t that what is happening?

Two boys are going to face a rape trial. There is evidence and there are witnesses thanks to Hanlin’s quick actions. Isn’t that what we want? There were kids tweeting distasteful things, not unlike many of you adults now. Do any of you know better than the officials about what can be tried in a court of law? It’s time we support the officials trying to do their jobs without being diverted to schools for lockdown because of more deflecting tactics designed by anonymousky. It’s time to support our town and not participate in the deconstruction of a community that so many of us love.

Debbie Kessler DiAlbert