Just wondering about trucks

To the editor:

Living here in the Ohio Valley, in Jefferson County (I live on state Route 151), I have noticed the increase of men, equipment and truck traffic due to the recent boom of the gas industry.

I was an over-the-road semi-truck driver, and I also worked in the valley as a heavy-equipment hauler. I am aware of the state and local laws regarding oversized and overweight trucks and equipment. There is a very strict procedure for gaining permits from the state to haul these types of loads, and there are very strict laws and regulations when hauling these loads.

I have noticed on many occasions these out-of-state trucking companies hauling these loads with no attempt to comply with the laws. For example: hauling oversized loads without signs, flags and escort trucks and, most of all, hauling these loads after dark without proper escorts.

Just wondering – is this just another way that these out-of-state companies are circumventing our state and local regulations? How about our local heavy-equipment haulers like Howard Bowers and Nemo’s Heavy Hauling? It is not fair to them when they have to follow the letter of the law. Also, the permit fees paid to the state go toward road and bridge maintenance. Last, but not least, what about the safety of our local residents who drive the roads every day with children and other loved ones? Just because a driver turns his or her flashers on, this in no way complies with state or local laws.

Just wondering.

James Maxwell

Mingo Junction