More gun laws aren’t the answer

To the editor:

The president has just delivered his comments on more gun laws. He had four beautiful young children with him as he signed his director.

One of the directives the president talked about is putting restrictions on guns being bought by legal owners and then sold to criminals. Can you say “fast and furious”? What hypocrisy.

A gun, in and of itself, is an inanimate object with several moving parts. A gun, in and of itself, can do no harm. What makes a gun a weapon is the person holding the gun. Responsible gun owners know this and use the gun for the purpose it was intended.

There is not a single responsible gun owner whose heart was not broken at the shootings at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Columbine and any other place where a mass shooting has occurred. Responsible gun owners were not involved in these heinous, senseless acts of violence.

I challenge you to show where a responsible gun owner was involved in such an act. I also challenge you to show me a criminal who is a responsible registered gun owner. More gun laws are not the answer. A criminal will find a weapon to use to commit a crime. A person who is mentally deficient or a person with a demonic personality, hell bent on mass destruction, will find a weapon of some kind. These additional laws only add a means for those determined to begin tracking and locating our guns, and at any time could come and confiscate our guns. You say, “This could not happen in the United States.” Don’t be so naive. The first step in disarming a nation is to locate the firearms, then confiscate them.

Many of the people enacting gun laws for you and me have armed guards around them. Are we not entitled to the same degree of safety for ourselves and our families? I submit, yes we are.

There are hundreds of laws on the books. These laws need to be enforced. Mental health issues need to be addressed. Those responsible for these violent acts had mental issues. What our children watch on television and video games needs to be examined. The movie industry needs to examine the type of violent movies they are producing. Our society is becoming numb to violence.

There are many which need to be examined in curbing the violence in our country. More gun laws are not the answer.

Ann Wiley