Nation needs new options for gun control

To the Editor,

Like millions of others I shed a few tears reading and watching the news of all those precious children and adults losing their lives so violently.

We continue to wonder if anything can be done to prevent such atrocities. My answer is no!

These actions, whether done by a sick person, a deliberately bad person, a copy cat simple, dumb kid, or a deliberate terrorist person. You’re not going to stop them the way we do things.

You can lock the school doors. They’ll break in through the windows. We can build high fences. That hasn’t stopped them. We have some security guards. So what!

We spend billions on Homeland Security and it’s done it’s job to a limited extent, but you’ll not stop terrorists from damaging any U.S. property. Or kill our people if they want to.

As for our children and others nationwide being killed, I’ll not point my finger to the NRA, its members or people that own guns.

I hear things like government wants to get its foot in the door, guns don’t kill, people do, even though it’s a fact that guns are designed to kill.

I have relatives and friends, some are NRA members that would never misuse guns.

So how do we stop gun slinging killers and terrorist actions?

First of all, the mindset of the NRA must change to an extent. Forget that foot in the door philosophy and sit down with our government and come to an agreement that hunting rifles can never be taken away from you. As for hand guns for protection, I’m sure there are hundreds of ways to fight off villains that can mame, cripple, or stop them in their tracks without killing them.

The Second Amendment right to keep and bare arms is only about 25 words that says you shouldn’t be infringed on, but, you guys have written, preached and published volumes of rules, regulations and reasons why we must have at our beck and call all weapons like 9mm, 357 magnums, or the so-called BAR. I can go to any gun store and buy one anytime.

I think having certain guns is OK, but why not make it almost impossible to get ammunition?

You see guns don’t kill, but people don’t either, ammunition does.

Put a restriction on it for only certain people.

As for stopping terrorists, I’ve mentioned previously and I’ll say it again. They don’t like us and will kill us given the chance. Terrorists understand only and eye for an eye. I say on 9-12, after they killed thousands of our people and destroyed the Twin Towers, I would bomb any terrorist city with leaflets saying, “Take your families and leave as in 10 days this city and a 10 mile radius will be leveled. Stay at your own risk.” Then do it and fly the Revolution flag with a snake on it saying “Don’t tread on us.”

And anytime they hurt Americans or our properties, they will understand that geographically, they will disappear.

John Flara

New Cumberland