Things were good in Steubenville

To the editor:

I live in Las Vegas but grew up in Steubenville until the mills went bad. I left in 1977 and have lived here in Las Vegas since.

Growing up in Steubenville and attending St. Peters grade school and then Big Red from 1961 through 1965 was just a wonderful life, and it really bothers me that my beloved hometown is getting all this bad press. The main thing I loved when I was growing up there was that there was little or no crime, the streets were clean, downtown was the place to be and the people were friendly. There were no drugs, no murders – just hard-working people of all faiths and color and no one seemed to care. There was no racism that I can ever remember and when I graduated all the parties were open to all. We kept our doors unlocked and our cars open with the windows down in the summertime and never had a problem.

The reason may be that at the time you could just about make a bet on every street corner at one of the local smoke shops, as they called them. The two I remember the most are Tommy’s Lounge and the Rex Cigar Store. The police even would stop in on Sundays to bet on the Steelers game. I guess when the people who ran the city back then wanted to keep the status quo, so they made sure the city was safe for all – those were the good old days.

I am really sorry for the bad story and hope it will get settled ASAP and hope that Reno does not cave. He is a great person and coach.

Richard Saber

Las Vegas