Time to get beyond the name calling

To the Editor,

After reading the letter from the gentleman who wrote on Jan. 13 that teapartiers and Republicans should be consuming humble pie instead of a steady diet of sour grapes, mindlessly and brainlessly looking to their ideological leadership to explain their losses, a cabal of racists, gun nuts, religious freaks and dupes of wealthy and greedy people, whiners, post election disdain for democracy, haters of the president, etc., etc. I was utterly “appalled.”

Isn’t the election over? I thought we should all be able to get together and resolve the conflicts during the campaign after it was over. I’m confused!

Why are you still calling fellow Americans names? With all due respect, “sir,” isn’t it about time to cut out the childish nonsense of vicious verbal attacks and get down to the business of civility toward our fellow Americans?

Apparently you are still reading, watching or listening to the other side’s views and opinions. I believe you named seven or eight of the leaders of this cabal. This is hardly a majority of teapartiers/Republicans. There is a solution to your dislike of their views. You know who they are, so don’t read their columns or simply change channels or stations when you know they’re on. Remember, we all have opinions and views.

I say again, the election is over. It’s time for all Americans to heal, to come together before we self-destruct and before America goes from bad to worse. Why don’t you join with Senator Manchin and follow the No Labels group of which he is a part? I think they feel this is the way to go.

Name calling is for kids, not adults. If you keep this up, these Americans won’t even want to talk to you, let alone help to solve problems.

I have one question for both sides of this issue. Do we want to keep bickering and continue to watch our America sink into further debt and chaos, or do we want to bring it back to the greatness that we are so proud of?

Let’s grow up and do the business of solving problems to make a better America.

Charlie Mitchell