Conservatives don’t have enough of an outlet

To the Editor,

I often see letters in these pages, decrying conservative media and talk radio.

It never ceases to amaze me how endlessly jealous, resentful and distraught liberals are, still, about losing their monopoly on the dispersal of information.

For decades, virtually everything Americans knew was delivered from a progressive, liberal perspective. The network and cable news sources were, and are, all overwhelmingly progressive in their presentation.

In the late 1980s, with the repeal of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” – which for many years and many reasons had served to effectively squelch conservative viewpoints – talk radio emerged on the scene. Then, in 1995 came Fox News; that was about it. And Fox, really, isn’t especially “conservative” in its presentation of the news, itself; they just offer more conservative pundits.

Talk radio and Fox News; that’s really all we have, to liberals’ endless wailing and gnashing of teeth. Well, besides the Internet, where conservative bloggers dominate in popularity, like Fox News and talk radio, in their mediums.

An oft-proposed new version of the Fairness Doctrine, which Democrats frequently try to sneak into law, coincidentally contains restrictions on the Internet, as well.

Otherwise, though, liberal ideology and values inundate the culture in TV, movies, popular music and publishing. Yet, for liberals, that’s not enough; they have to have it all.

Despite conservatism’s relatively small piece of the overall information-delivery pie, liberal anxiety over the issue is eternal. Liberals, you see, aren’t actually interested in leveled playing fields or equality of expression; this is because, pathologically, they cannot tolerate the idea of competition, most especially in the realm of ideas. They know they would lose, and sometimes do, if their views are put to an actual vote. This is why they so often use the courts to inflict their deluded standards on the rest of us.

No one likes liberalism except liberals, and they are comparatively few in number, shown, for example, by the vast popularity of Fox – which continuously crushes its opposition in the ratings – and talk radio.

Liberalism is, at its heart, totalitarian, unpatriotic and detrimental to our culture.

I hold these truths to be self-evident, because one would be hard-pressed to find a perverse, repressive, intrusive, anti-American idea, trend, policy, program or regulation that did not originate, somehow, on the left.

Liberals will work relentlessly to defend some obscure species of flora or fauna from extinction, or to free a rightly-convicted killer from prison, then turn around and fight insanely for a woman’s right to murder an inconvenient fetus.

They’ll moan about jobs and economy, and then support job-and-consumer confidence-killing taxes and over-regulation of business and industry. They’ll work tirelessly to appease, aid, comfort and embolden our enemies.

Too many Americans don’t understand that their freedoms and rights are constantly being trod upon and incrementally diminished. Instead, they empower and enlarge government, by voting for goodies like “free” phones, paid for by we who do work, and pay taxes.

Truly, if brain-sucking aliens descended upon a gathering of liberals/Democrats, they’d starve to death.

Rob Denham