Edison children left to suffer

To the editor:

Once again, thank you Edison Local voters. Oh, and my children also thank you.

I am curious as to why, when there is talk of gun control, it seems everyone gets involved, but, when it comes to passing a levy for the future of our children, no one seems to care? I realize the tax increase had a lot to do with the decision of many voters, but can anyone who pays taxes in the Edison Local School District tell me how their tax dollars are being spent?

Certainly not on education. There is a lot of talent in this district, teachers and students alike, and it is sad that our children are the ones to suffer. The comment I keep hearing over and over is that we will continually be overlooked for funding and assistance because we are “small town” USA. That is nonsense. My children deserve a future just as much as any other child in this state.

Tammi Marsh