Federal Reserve led to downfall

To the editor:

Our nation began it’s decent as a Godly nation when evil greedy men established the Federal Reserve. A handful of America’s most wealthy corrupt men were the masterminds behind the stock market scare that occurred just prior to their implement the Federal Reserve. This allowed them to implement the Federal Reserve with few questions asked.

Many of our Founders and past presidents warned against opening our financial institutions to foreign markets or influence. The creation of the Federal Reserve did just that by allowing the world banking system control of American money, which they could manipulate at their leisure, even today, for their own financial gain. The danger of opening our financial institutions to foreigners was the possibility of takeover from within. It’s this simple. The man who owns 51 percent of a business is said to be the owner. And he who controls the money makes the laws. Our enemies understood that America could not be taken by force physically, but she could be taken from the inside which is exactly what has occurred.

Yet America continued to fight for what’s right and defend the Constitution. Unfortunately, her enemies were many. Prior to the 1960s, Jewish rabbis and atheists plotted for the removal of Judeo-Christian Bible reading and prayer in our schools upon which they were successful. They could not have picked a more opportune time, as our nation laid in mourning of the murder of President Kennedy. What kind of evil men could prey on the mourning of a nation?

While the creation of the Federal Reserve was the cake of America’s downfall, the removal of Judeo-Christian prayer and Bible reading in our schools was the icing on the cake. Today, our nation faces its darkest hour as our schools are mass producing generation after generation of atheist socialists. The enemies of America and Christianity have been successful in dividing America. As our Constitution hangs in the balance along side the sovereignty of our nation, and the beliefs and principals that once made America the most powerful nation on the face of the earth, we come to see all the things that were viewed as faithful and true made out to look out of date, old fashioned, evil. We see all the things that were not good, evil, as acceptable and good.

America is falling apart because she has forsaken the wisdom of her God and the wisdom of the men who forged her. She has forsaken all that she once believed in.

After destroying our nation economically and socially, what will there be left? It is written in God’s word that a house divided can not stand. Americans need to open their eyes and hearts to who their real enemies are before it is to late, if it isn’t too late already.

Pray for our nation that she returns to her God least she vanishes from existence and history. Pray to God for forgiveness and let us be one nation under god once again.

Randall M. Sims Sr.