First responders earn praise

To the editor:

I am responding to the Our Opinion “Mingo Junction takes right steps” editorial that appeared on Jan. 28. This article commended the administration for choosing to turn off selected city lighting in the name of safety instead of turning off all lights. If turning off some lights has to be a cost-cutting effort, then I agree.

However, another cost-cutting measure not mentioned in the article but was at the council session was to accept the offer of the police and first responders to take a pay cut. In my opinion, it is sad that the administration would even entertain such a suggestion. The administration should have responded with a loud “no” vote. These men and ladies put their lives on the line each time a call comes in and for what – to save the lives and property of people they care about. Not only do they care enough to put their lives on the line, but now they are reaching into their pockets. Are these police officers and first responders going to move slower or not care as much since they are getting less money? No.

Which one of us is going to jump out of bed at 3 a.m. to hurry into the unknown?

My suggestion: Put a for sale on the splash pool equipment. My suggestion: Do we have the manpower to set up some speed traps? We have lots of speeders and traffic violators. Can we raise fines? Can we have more lights turned off, as John Bracone suggested, and give the money back to the police and first responders? I’ll pay for my own light or keep my porch lights on all night.

In “My Opinion” thank you, first responders and city police officers, for being there with no questions asked. Thank you for even thinking about giving up your pay. Put your offer in rewind and send council back to the drawing board.

Mary F. Lucas

Mingo Junction