Gasoline prices are ridiculous

To the editor:

How in the name of humanity and fairness can we accept $3.86 per gallon for regular gasoline? What is the reason for this gouging.

Could it be that the oil industry is approaching the end of the first quarter and needs a boost in profits to help its stock prices and bonuses set records. Could it be because during bad driving weather people are driving less and they’re selling less fuel? Or, could it be that the snowstorms in the New England states have increased the need for heating oil, and they’ve switched to producing more of it than gasoline? Take your pick, there are a hundred reasons that can be used to justify the skyrocketing cost of fuels. Whatever reason they chose, two words come to mind – greed and rip-off.

For many years, it was considered unthinkable to kick someone when he or she was down. But now, it’s considered a new game, of which the score is kept on the signs of the local filling stations.

I overheard someone at the gas station the other day say that they can’t wait for gasoline to get to $5 a gallon so they can get that horse or motorcycle they’ve always wanted. That may not help, either, because the oil industry will scoop up the horse manure, turn it into biofuel and charge us the same price as gasoline.

All in all, you’ve got to wonder how the prediction that by 2020 we’ll be producing as much oil as Saudi Arabia from Marcellus shale plays into it. The crazy price of fuel will result in an increase to everything else we buy.

Our leaders in Washington refuse to end the subsidy paid to the oil industry of $58 billion. They’ve become deaf, blind and brainless to what is going on outside their windows. It will not cost you $78 to fill up your 20-gallon gas tank. Welcome to the brave new world of deregulation and globalization. But we’re supposed to vote for tax levies that will last for at least 35 years. Good luck with that one.

Will the last person to leave the valley please turn out the lights? We’ve already started the process here in Mingo Junction.

Save your nickels and dimes – it’s going to be a long year for working people, retirees and public employees.

Stan Galownia

Mingo Junction