Hacker actually committed theft

To the editor:

Why are we commending a man who openly admits to stealing someone’s identity? Are there no laws in the cyber country of the Internet? After reading “Man who took control of fan website talks” (Feb. 6), the previous thoughts flooded into my mind.

Noah practically committed identity theft, did he not? He pretended to be someone else in order to gain access to that Comcast account, and then manipulated something that was not his. I am the type of person who takes care of most of my life using the Internet. Bills get paid, personal information is given, purchases are made and life is managed all using my e-mail account. If someone, other than myself, accessed my personal information by hacking into my Comcast account, I would be furious and expect that person to be punished.

However, it seems that this man broke no laws in doing what he did, as it seems that as long as the hacking was not government related, it’s free game. Now Noah is constituted as a national hero, a real life “Robinhood.” I see this as a problem. I think there needs to be stricter laws on Internet usage, seeing that it has become such a huge part in almost everyone’s lives.

William Haines Jr.