Protecting sanctity of human life

To the editor:

From those who are dedicated to the continuation and expansion of the slaughter of innocents come two new arguments, one misleading and the other simply outrageous. The first is “the fetus is not a baby” and the second “a woman is a human being, a fetus is not.”

While the first is semantically correct, it uses the logical fallacy of diversion. Of course, the fetus is not a baby, just as a baby is not an adolescent, nor the adolescent an adult. These are stages of development in which every stage is that of a human being. Webster’s magical definition book says a fetus is “in man, the offspring in the womb from the end of the third month of pregnancy until birth.”

The second is no better than an outright lie, and the only reason to lie is to attempt to cover what is known to be wrong. In claiming what it is not, they have no answer to what it is. In order to believe this claim, one must regress to fourth century science, where the belief was that the unborn morphed from a mineral to a vegetable to an animal. All modern science acknowledges that the fetus is, from conception, a pre-nascent homo sapien, which translates into a human being.

With these arguments, those holding the progressive philosophy show they have not progressed beyond the period preceding the Civil War. Like their predecessors, the inhumane deny human rights to a segment of humanity.

Those opposing this mindset are castigated as extremists, even though this was recognized as an inherent evil since the Didache (the teaching of the apostles) was written in approximately the year 80. With them, I ask what crime has one’s progeny committed in order to suffer the horrific end inflicted by the abortion industry?

May all who hold that life is a gift from God pray for the awakening of those who assist in this atrocity. May the Lord of all life grant them the wisdom to see the sanctity of all human life, for the sake of their immortal souls.

Ed Bednar